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Yatin: (Devoted Ascetic)
Jyotish/Vedic Astrology has always fascinated me.
We have Tangoed for the past 25 years.
Blessing & Gratitude: Aum Namah Shivaya
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The dance has led me into other metaphysical realms: Tarot, Numerology and Astro-palmistry.

Jyotish, Science of Light, is the astrology originating in the ancient Indian Vedic tradition.
Jyotish is dated at over 5000 years old.
Eastern Sidereal Astrology, based on the Nakshatras or fixed stars, is the journey into oneself and developing the awareness to live in balance and harmony within the rhythms of nature.
Challenges in the chart, are opportunities for self-development and evolution.
One's chart is a karmic template for transformation and evolution.
Understanding strength, weakness of chart and ingrained patterns of time ensues into actions backed by wisdom.
Our suffering can be rendered inept with awareness, interventions and action at the appropriate time.
When there isn't support, or alignment from nature and cosmos, we expend unnecessary energy, at times even in the wrong direction.
It is essential to understand the cycles and flow of the universe so we may live with ease rather than dis-ease.

The natal, accompanying sub-divisions charts, and nodes are an intricate map of one's birth karma.
Strength of Jyotish lies in decoding this journey.
This can be achieved by correcting imbalances through sound; chanting is prescribed as per the ancient dictum.
Change eases the journey of evolution; clarifying focus and intention facilitates that.
The chart is the inherited blueprint, the tarot reflects current energies and the palm represents what one has co-created.
These modalities go in conjunction, towards understanding the essence of the moment and one's innate purpose unravels through the chart.
  • Why is one existing?
  • What am I doing?
  • What is the trajectory the cosmic energies are steering me towards?
  • What needs to be unlearned?
  • What abilities needs to be nurtured, so that one is in alignment with ones true self?
It's more about WHY? events got triggered, and addressing their cause and the Reason behind the experience the soul has drawn towards itself.
These are aspects that come to light through the astrology reading, it's a journey of evolution; self awareness, rather than about acquisitions.

I'm from Engineering:IT background, began reading as a hobby for friends and then as a profession; am Certified in Nakshatra and Bhrigu System of astrology through the Saptarishi group.
For all lovers and passionate students of astrology, check out Saptarishis Astrology Reasearch Group for techniques.
I'm from Mumbai, India and over a decade have resided in Sydney, read on weekends at the Ayurvedic Shop in Potts Point & am a Reiki practitioner.

I hold a variety of key roles in sympathetic organisations; the Sydney Tarot Group; was Vice President of SARS and Lectured at South Coast Astro Group ; lead the Sydney Vedic Astrology Group
I'm rendering such services as I enjoy assisting people in gaining insight into themselves and aligning them to their higher purpose.

Admin: Yatin