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Hi Yatin,
He is someone with good experience, before coming in he has already done all the research about me(with the help of date of birth, time and location).
The good thing about him is he does palm reading, tarot card reading, and horoscope.
I like the way how he predicts things from your past and future and also he explains you everything in details.
He also talks about how we can minimize if there is any problem in your life by doing some upaye(remedies).
I would recommend you to visit him and know about the things you are worried about.
Warm Regards, Jyoti
Customer Support and Logistics
Is a master of Jyotish, he very quickly could tell me so much relevant information about myself, and what I had been through and where I was going to.
Yatin’s ability to understand the emotional dynamics within my chart was amazing.
I left with a very good idea of what was going on, and also what I needed to do.
I giveThanks that I was recommended to have the very lovely gentleman Yatin spend time on my chart.
Thank You
Yatin Kotwal,
It is my good fortune receiving an astrological reading from the gifted astrologer Yatin Kotwal.
Not my first reading, many new things illuminated.
I recommend Yatin unreservedly, he is not only gifted but also kind and respectful.
I have sent friends and family along to Yatin and they all very much enjoyed the reading.
You are in great hands. Aum Namah Shivaya
I have now met Yatin twice,
first time referred by a mutual friend, and second time I just called because of Yatin's immense wisdom, guidance, accuracy of life patterns from birth till then, character traits which were highlighted for flourishing, and relational outlook and warnings.
Yatin gently took me thorugh the readings and highlighted possible obstacles (which were to come about after first reading) and the wisdom needed to counter these.
Ultmately he read the Tarot which were mind boggling in their accuracy.
I was driven second time because my "dark nights of the soul" were still persistent. He again gently advised with clarity and depth on measures of surrender and action.
I feel grateful for having met Yatin and proceeded to do the readings. I would recommend ALL to do same to lessen Karmic load.
Thank You.
I have known Yatin for last 6 years.He has now done readings for my whole family and for many friends. He is a special person with special gift.
Very highly recommended.
Rohit Sydney

Vedic Astrology is one of the oldest and revered forms of astrology and has sophisticated tools and remedial measures to address and narrow down mundane and spiritual issues of life.
Indian Vedic Astrology or Jyotish is a vast body of ancient sacred knowledge and teachings passed down thru scriptures via an uninterrupted line of tradition.
Jyotish is a traditional system of Indian Sidereal Astrology which has its roots in Vedas or Scriptures.

There are set of rules for understanding cycles of planets and for timing fruition of events arising as a consequence of historic actions.
The uniqueness of Vedic astrology is its Dasha system for timing of events.
Every individual's life span is ruled by different planets at different age.

The nature and strength or weakness of the natal planets and transits dictates possible outcomes and how life events pan out.
Vedic astrology also has reliable quantitative means(Ashtakavarga) of arriving at strength and weakness of planets and houses and also uses subdivisional charts for evaluating different aspects of life.

The fixed stars that comprise the 27 Nakshatras referred to as Lunar Mansions also play a major part in evaluation along with various permutations and combinations of 9 planets and 12 houses.

There are also certain time tested planetary inter-relationship patterns called Yogas which are pillars for judging natal charts.
It’s a tool for understanding the patterns of the Past to get a better grip on the Present which goes towards creating a harmonious well aligned Future by grasping underpinnings of What makes life tick.

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